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HECAOD - Recovery Learning Collaborative

Started Mar 10, 2020

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Full course description

The Recovery Learning Collaborative was developed by the Higher Education Center to offer a compact and accessible course on collegiate recovery. With a record number of programs and efforts popping up across the country, it’s imperative that schools have immediate access to information and resources on starting and running a Collegiate Recovery Program.  


  1. College Recovery Programs 101
    • Presented by: Kristina Canfield, Anne Thompson, & Ahmed Hosni
  2. Built to Last: Change Leadership in Higher Education
    • Presented by: Tom Gregoire, PhD
  3. Promoting Diversity within Collegiate Recovery Programs
    • Presented by: Keith Murphy
  4. Multiple Perspectives on Co-Occurring Disorders in Collegiate Recovery: Implications & Strategies
    • Presented by: Victor Chang
  5. Recovery Housing: What You Need To Know
    • Presented by: Jen Matzke & Ahmed Hosni
  6. What Does it Take to Have a Healthy Collegiate Recovery Program?
    • Presented by: Lisa Laitman & Keith Murphy