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HECAOD - Prescription Drug Misuse Learning Collaborative is a Course

HECAOD - Prescription Drug Misuse Learning Collaborative

Started Mar 10, 2020

$100 Enroll

Full course description

The Prescription Drug Learning Collaborative (RxLC) is a series of six webinars addressing topics important to understanding the issues of prescription drug misuse on college campuses and prevention strategies. 


  1. Why is Collegiate Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Necessary?
    • Presented by: Fadi Smiley, PharmD
  2. The Collegian's Medication Experience
    • Presented by: Kenneth Hale, PhD 
  3. The Opioid Epidemic
    • Presented by: Mark Hurst, MD, Kathryn McKee, MD & Ahmed Hosni, MSW
  4. Prescription Stimulants and the College Student
    • Presented by: Sean McCabe, PhD & Ty Schepis, PhD
  5. Public Policy Measures Relating to Prescription Drugs on Campus
    • Presented by: Erin Meluso & Jim Lange, PhD
  6. A Plan for action and Resources for the Collegiate Community
    • Presented by: Molly Downing, PhD, Cindy Clouner, MPH, LSW & Kyle Pendleton