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HECAOD - Cannabis Learning Collaborative-Revisited is a Course

HECAOD - Cannabis Learning Collaborative-Revisited

Started Mar 4, 2020

$100 Enroll

Full course description

The Cannabis Learning Collaborative was developed by the Higher Education Center to offer a compact and accessible course on the challenges that face colleges and universities due to the use and misuse of cannabis. The legalization status of many states has changed, or is subject to change in the coming years, and it is imperative we stay informed and prepare for additional responsibilities to our students.

Cannabis Learning Collaborative (Revisted) Sessions:

  1. Evidence-Based Cannabis Prevention and Intervention Efforts for College Students
    • Jennifer Cadigan, PhD
  2. Using Health Communication Strategies to Address Cannabis Use
    • Tavis Glassman, PhD
  3. Cannabis Culture and Trends
    • Tom Fontana
  4. What's Up with CBD? Campus Polices and Concerns Regarding this Trending Cannabinoid
    • Jim Lange, PhD

Cannabis Learning Collaborative (Spring 2017) Sessions:

  1. Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain: What Does the Evidence Say?
    • Presented by: Joanna Jacobus, PhD
  2. Not Your Parent's Marijuana: Changing Trends in Marijuana Use
    • Presented by: Cindy Clouner, MPH, LSW
  3. Colleges Within Legalizing States: Whats Stays and What Must Change
    • Presented by: Jim Lange, PhD
  4. Blunt Talk: Addressing the Myths of Marijuana with Collegiate Student-Athletes
    • Presented by: Jen Carter, PhD, Megan Leitnaker, MS & Blake Marble, M.Ed
  5. Brief Intervention for Marijuana: Applying Motivational Interviewing Strategies
    • Presented by: Jason Kilmer, PhD
  6. Health Risk Behavior on Social Media
    • Presented by: Melissa Krauss, MPH, Shaina Sowles, MPH & Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD
  7. Cannabis Use Disorder: Using Evidence-Based Interventions to Engage Students in Reducing Harmful Cannabis Use or Enter Recovery
    • Presented by: Lisa Laitman, MSEd, LCADC
  8. Exploring the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Prevent and Education
    • Presented by: Matt Vogel, M.A.