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CareLine: De-Escalation Through a Trauma-Informed Care Lens (Recorded) is a Course

CareLine: De-Escalation Through a Trauma-Informed Care Lens (Recorded)

Started Sep 6, 2021
2.0 credits


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Course Description

This free, 2-hour training features one module with an edited recording of a live CareLine training that was first held as a Zoom Webinar on August 18th, 2021. 

Trauma-Informed Care is an approach to caring for someone which understands how “what has happened to a person” impacts his or her behavior and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Individual experiences of trauma or numerous adverse childhood experiences can have lasting effects on the way a person thinks and behaves, triggering the fear-center of the brain, and causing the person to live in chronic, toxic stress. Living in this hyper-state of fear and stress can have a severe negative impact on a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as result in the person experiencing challenges navigating the complex mental health system. A trauma-informed approach seeks to establish a setting which replaces fear and toxic stress with a sense of safety and support. This training will provide an overview of the impact of trauma and the stress response system on an individual’s functioning with a key focus on trauma-informed guidelines for stabilization, intervention and resolution of a crisis to enhance coping skills, promotion of a sense of control and self-efficacy, and the provision of support for problem-solving and gaining access to required services and supports.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase understanding of the prevalence, characteristics and impact of trauma on individuals.
  • Understand the neurobiology of trauma and how the stress response system impacts functioning.
  • Identify and apply trauma-informed strategies for deescalating crisis situations and working with people who are emotionally distressed.

Continuing Education Classifications

  • Two (2) CE clock hours
  • Meets requirements for CSWMFT Board
  • Meet requirements for CDP Board in Treatment (C1) & Prevention (P6)

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